Ananda Coaching: Boniswa Dladla
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Inner Transformation Program

The Inner transformation program is an amazing program that has changed clients’ lives including my own life inside out. The inner transformation that accompanies the completion of this program is truly priceless.

Inner Freedom Coaching

Many focus on what is happening in their outside world, battling within to overcome negativity, limitations and feeling powerless to create the life they desire. Having a sense of confusion, worthlessness, meaningless existence.

Relationship Coaching

Relating in relationships is beyond the physical or day-to-day living arrangement between couples, families or parent-child settings. There is a part in every human beyond what is seen that feels loved or feels unloved, feels hurt, feels secure or insecure, that is screaming to be heard and validated.

Ananda Coaching

When you believe in the direction of your dreams, the work to achieve your dreams becomes easier and filled with purpose as opposed to when you have a lot of negative beliefs towards your ability to achieve your dreams.


Coaching focuses on transform who you are, so that what you do and what you have is a celebration of a whole you.

Meet your Coach

My name is Boniswa Dladla, born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, as a child I always knew the power of the spoken word, I would always correct any adult that used negative words to address a child, telling them the words they speak is powerful and will result in that reality. Even as that young I knew somehow we create through our words, that we are responsible for the reality that becomes our life.