Inner Transformation Program - Ananda Coaching
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Inner Transformation Program

The Inner transformation program is an amazing program that has changed clients’ lives including my own life inside out. The inner transformation that accompanies the completion of this program is truly priceless. The last time I felt down, stuck or depressed was before implementing this transformation-coaching programme.

Ever since, I am the Master of my own life, and help my clients unleash their best self, creating joy within themselves.

With inner transformation program you move:

  • From being stuck in life to creating the life you desire and loving life
  • From having no clear vision/purpose to living in the direction of your purpose
  • From lack of joy in what you doing to being intentionally about your abilities and talents
  • From lack of confidence in your decision making to being the master of your own mind
  • From lack of self-love, and acceptance to fully loving yourself as a whole
  • From self-doubt to a healthy and confident self-images
  • From sabotaging yourself through fear and doubt to having courage to start on your dreams
  • From emotional scars from childhood to a healed adult, able to be present in this moment.

The program focuses on eliminating core inner challenges such as the mental fight within yourself (inner conflict), feeling stuck, overwhelmed by negative emotions, regret of the past, fear of the future and negative beliefs leading to lack of energy to achieve your goals. Personal challenges are exactly that personal to the person experiencing them and touches on different spheres of life. If the challenges are not viewed in context with a qualified lie coach, they might lead to serious impacts on physical & mental health, reduced quality of life; below I highlight some of the main benefits experienced by clients after doing this programme.