Relationship Coaching - Ananda Coaching
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Relationship Coaching

Relating in relationships is beyond the physical or day-to-day living arrangement between couples, families or parent-child settings. There is a part in every human beyond what is seen that feels loved or feels unloved, feels hurt, feels secure or insecure, that is screaming to be heard and validated. Without effective skills to cope in relationships, relationships maybe filled with uncertainty, pain, lack of trust as most people are not skilled to relate effectively or have self-awareness. The results in more people slowly giving up on having healthy relationships. This might be you, you might have suffered pain or betrayal and because of it, you are consumed with emotional and mental pain. Healthy relationships are possible when the individuals in those relationships are capacitated with skills to master themselves and their emotions. The big question becomes, are you ready to be happy in relationships, are you aware of what becomes your ”pain body” in relationships which keeps the pain alive in your life? Are you willing to start a journey of having unconditional love in your relationship?
Investing in your own inner growth as you evolve in the stages of life and your relationship will transform the quality of your relationships. Relationship pain can be avoided if you choose to heal yourself before and during your relationship journey.

This coaching is for people who are wise enough to know that happiness does not happen through wishful thinking but through concerted effort to be happy every in every moment of your life and not waiting for a crisis to start the healing process. Coaching will accelerate your ability to relate better in your relationship creating a harmonious environment to grow.

What exactly is being related in a relationship?

  • Beliefs (unseen)
  • Values (unseen)
  • Attitudes (unseen)
  • Hopes/Dreams/Wants/Needs (unseen, needs to be communicates)
  • Ambition (unseen)

What is not seen puts what is seen into existence”, sooner or later a partner discovers the “limiting beliefs” operating in one partner, without the skills to navigate and grow this becomes a small crack that later on breaks the relationship.


In relationship coaching you will learn:

  • Skills to effectively communicate without attacking your partner/others
  • Skills to remain consciously and sub-consciously positive in your relationship/marriage ( it’s important to be congruent in your desire to be happy and what you think about your partner)
    • Being present minded, Being intentional, Being whole
  • Skills to build a love filled character of your relationship.
  • Skills to have fulfilment and peace in your relationship
  • Skills to heal your pain body before and during the relationship (most important skill)