Teenage Coaching - Ananda Coaching
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Teenage Coaching

Teenagers are bombarded with a lot from social media material about what they need to be and have in order to be “cool and accepted. Above this pressure of growing up, emotional challenges from broken families, absent parenting, is also influencing how they think and feel about themselves. The following programs focuses on helping teenagers build an authentic foundation of self-confidence, which will serve them well into their tertiary education phase. Priming their mindset to succeed regardless of circumstances, helping them to have resilience to overcome any challenges.

This program has four specialised offerings

  • Self-Leadership
    • Finding their sense of self
    • Values alignment
    • Learn Mind mastery
    • They learn that they are not their emotions (powerful techniques to release their emotions
  • Self-Mastery
    • Learning how they create their reality
    • Inner conflict therapy
    • Negative emotional therapy
    • Negative belief therapy
    • Mapping their life’s vision
  • Self-Image coaching
    • Creating a healthy self-image (determine and remove root causes for over/under eating
    • Developing a healthy relationship with themselves
    • Develop a healthy relationship with food
    • Self-Confidence coaching
  • Trauma Healing
    • Depression (prevalent cause of with youth)
    • Anxiety
    • Traumatic life events leading to emotional changes

All the internal work required to strengthen and empower them to show up more “boldly” into the world, not only will benefit them now, is an invest of a lifetime. Discovering their self-worth, creates an inner knowing and brings joy, peace and happiness in all that they do. Now as a parent, you can give this gift to your child. . Living my purpose, which is to empower other souls to live true unto themselves, is the most fulfilling life experience.