Inner Freedom Coaching - Ananda Coaching
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Inner Freedom Coaching

Many focus on what is happening in their outside world, battling within to overcome negativity, limitations and feeling powerless to create the life they desire. Having a sense of confusion, worthlessness, meaningless existence. Mainly because of fears and limiting beliefs in various spheres of their life. This is due to previous conditions from childhood, society, religion that we might feel not good enough to reach for the stars when it comes to our success.


I love this quote and it has forever changed my perspective “If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends.  If an egg is broken by an inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from the inside, unknown”. When the focus is outside of Self, fearful existence is guaranteed, however if the focus is inside your Self, new great things can emerge as you are liberated from your mental prison. Limiting beliefs are exactly that a prison keeping us in our current circumstances. However as we charge ahead and eliminate each mental prison cell, we become masters of our realty experience

My own life and quality of relationships changed through inner freedom coaching program. When finally there is overwhelming peace, pursuit of joy in all that I did, alignment to who I truly am. This coaching program will help you reach to the depths of your being, to challenges all your limiting beliefs and come out truly free and charged with new lifer energy.


In Inner freedom coaching, you become

  • Master creator of your reality
  • Healing all aspects of your being (mind, body, soul)
  • Transform your inner world to have more (peace, joy, laughter, lightness of spirit)
  • Deep connection with yourself, with your family and others
  • Finding and living your purpose (mapping your life’s purpose, career/ business purpose)
  • Being the master of your mind