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Meet Your Coach

boniswa dladlaMy name is Boniswa Dladla, born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, as a child I always knew the power of the spoken word, I would always correct any adult that used negative words to address a child, telling them the words they speak is powerful and will result in that reality. Even as that young I knew somehow we create through our words, that we are responsible for the reality that becomes our life.
Fast forward to now I live to help others awaken to what they are creating, to heal their past, to truly create their reality. This is the most amazing part of my life, its humbling and empowering to serve others succeed to live out their best life.
As wet behind the ears seventeen year old, I moved to Pretoria to study Metallurgical Engineering and later a postgraduate degree in Technology management at University of Pretoria. This great experience taught me how to be resilient and resolute in achieving what I have set to achieve. After completing my undergraduate studies I moved to Mpumalanga (Witbank) to commence my working life at a mining company.

Working as an Engineer for the last 10 years has been the most fascinating life experience, as it has taught me the fundamental essence of mind over matter. I authentically believe anything is possible. Along my career journey I found myself looking within and yearning to be me, to do more, this was a question within me asking myself is this all that I am, all that I can do?

The small voice within knew there is more, the more had to do with qualities in me that I found dear to me, which is to help others be the best of themselves, to see all the possibilities around them and most importantly to find their true Self. Having a strong conviction that being a coach is my life’s purpose and calling, I started the journey towards becoming a certified life coach. Exactly 2 years since having started the coaching journey, I have also become a certified Master Life Coach. Having coached individuals, entrepreneurs and having coached teams in the corporate space. Coaching is my joy.
I personally suffered from a lot of uncertainty from being raised without both my parents, created in me a complex to want to please others, take care of others before myself to earn my place. This made me compromise myself in the hope I would be accepted and appreciated. I suffered from anger from wishing things were different in my reality than they were. This became a thorn in my life, in my relationships as I realised I cannot control others, that their choices are exactly that their choices.
I found relief and true inner freedom from these inner mental conditions through the coaching process. For the first time I felt at peace and empowered to be happy within my soul, I know for sure that the coaching program will total transform the lives of everyone I serve. I fully come alive when I coach.